@Par Warehouse Package

Automate the management of perpetual inventory in the warehouse, replacing manual “pen and paper” processes with barcode scanning.


With the @Par Warehouse package, your hospital can completely automate work flow, reduce discrepancies and improve efficiency. Product storage, safety and staff productivity are key components of running a warehouse efficiently. In order to achieve this, warehouse managers need tools to manage warehouse activities such as receiving, put away and selecting or de­termining items from storage.

MHS’ @Par solution is easy to use, easy to integrate, and puts important information right at your fingertips. Our package provides mobile handheld devices and execution technologies that enable managers and employees to completely automate warehouse activities.


Package Features

Receive Application leverages technology and automates the receiving process of PO and Non-PO items using a handheld device at the receiving dock. Receivers can generate barcode labels for cross docking Non-Stock and Non-PO items to streamline their deliveries. Robust search capabilities provide time saving efforts for tracking high dollar and dated items. The application captures and sets the base for all products entering the facility.

Today’s Challenges

  • Labor intensive put away and pick processes conflict with other supply chain requirements
  • Manual effort creates errors and inefficiencies in locations and product identification
  • Managing multiple warehouse locations manually creates extended and dated inventory issues
  • Department supply and demand requirements are not aligned

PutAway Application leverages technology and automates warehouse staff efforts to put away received inventory in its respective stock location using a hand-held device.  By entering the actual quantity, the PutAway process ensures accurate inventory information is transmitted to the MMIS.

Pick Application leverages technology and automates warehouse staff efforts to pick orders using a handheld device.  By entering the actual quantity picked, the picking process ensures accurate inventory information is transmitted to the MMIS.

CycleCount Application leverages technology and automates the entire counting process through the use of handhelds devices. It manages the requirements for conducting routine cycle counts and physical inventory. The count review screen on the browser helps identify discrepancies before the data is transmitted to the MMIS reducing the inventory time.

Stock lssue Application leverages technology and automates the process of issuing and returning items using a handheld device, automatically making the appropriate inventory adjustments in real time.


  • Improves accuracy through barcode data capture and product location
  • Increases productivity and workflow efficiency in every phase of the warehouse operations
  • Automates the putaway, picking and cycle count process by identifying location and product information
  • Expedites efforts by allowing multiple users to simultaneously work on Put Away, Pick and Cycle Counting
  • Maintains a perpetual inventory with accuracy and utilization
  • Confirms that the right item is being put away and picked in right location
  • Reduces discrepancies between Inventory system and actual inventory
  • Simplifies cycle counting process by providing split counts and review status prior to upload
  • Improves workforce, inventory and process management through decision support reports

Software Application Capabilities & Features

  • Allocation of events to users with Single / Multi-Event Download / Upload
  • Supports scanning Hospital Inventory # / Mfg / Item ID / Vendor Item ID / UPC code
  • Powerful “Search” features in all warehouse modules
  • Review counts on the browser sorted by dollar value/quantity of discrepancies
  • Allows prioritization of picking locations
  • Multiple users can download one plan to putaway and pick
  • Supervisors can edit/flag items for recount if needed on the browser
  • Manages counted events from the browser
  • Scans multiple items to issue/return
  • Option to capture the Issue to User and Patient ID if needed for tracking
  • Option to capture the signature at the time of issue
  • Real-time/Batch uploads and downloads using Wireless or Cradle based docking

Analytics & Reporting

MHS’ technology provides web-based reporting, enabling customers to review meaningful management reports that address a wide variety of supply chain management information. These reports may be e-mailed, converted to Excel™ or managed in a variety of formats.

  • PutAway discrepancy report
  • Pick discrepancy report
  • Workforce management productivity reporting and comparative data
  • Reports to track products issued
  • Count Exception History report
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